Chapter 2.0: New Bro!

There’s a new Bro in town! She is fierce!

Thyme for a change! Enter Chapter 2.0: New Bro and a new Bard, same fabulous jokes.

As we grew, so did our excitement and our ambition, but we also had a lot of hurdles and problems to overcome. Through it all we tried new things and kept moving forward; fighting everyday like the last. Our hopes was to envision our company to have fun, make products that people enjoy and be successful so that the Bard could sing about our tale!

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Three Years!

Three years of woodworking. Woodn’t have imagine it!

It has been an uphill battle as we have been steadily building our business, growing it to new heights. We are always pushing our skills to the limit as we expand. Thanks for joining on our quest thus far and hope to have even more fun with you!