Mystery Packs!

Wood you believe the mystery?

Spring cleaning is upon us as we scrub away and keep social distancing! With cabin fever setting in, we are offering mystery packs of both our bookmarks and our key chains on our webstore! Check it out!

Part of our efforts to regrow the company is cleaning up both our workshop and our files. We have over 100 different designs; some of which ended up having multiple iterations as we were stressed for time in production last year. Moving forward, we are adding proper production techniques and procedures to streamline our capabilities and not loose our head in the process.

Each Mystery Packs are currently being sold for $6 each! Shipping included!

Mystery Bookmarks

The Bookmarks are being sold currently in two different 5 packs:

  • Normal: Anything goes. DnD, book puns, starwars references.
  • DnD Characters: 1 general DnD, 4 characters.
Normal: DnD sayings, book puns and word plays. Anything we make really.
DnD Characters: 4 characters, 1 normal dnd bookmark.

Mystery Key Chains

The key chains are being sold currently as one 4 pack:

  • Normal: 1x seasonal. 3x random.

Seasonal key chain will be Christmas, Easter or any other major holiday joke or pun offerings we made specifically for the time of year or for a specific show. Randoms are anything else we have made that will include DnD characters, puns, word plays and jokes.

Just a few types that could be in the mystery pack!