The Great TP War of 2020

Prepare yourselves!

As the Corona Virus pandemic threatens the world both physically and financially, everyone is panic buying TP. We aren’t exactly sure either, but either way we are offering FREE US SHIPPING on all of our items on our website. No minimums!

Honestly, the theory suggests the reason why so many panic shoppers are buying Toilet Paper (not because they are eating a lot of food and pooping more) is all about psychology than anything else. Consumer behavior science is a real thing.

When an outside stressor, such as a pandemic, is interjected into someone’s daily life, specially for something that can’t be seen, it can cause unrelenting fear and panic. Human behavior suggests that if an obstacle is in the way, a solution to the problem must exist. Something needs to be done.

Consumers are trained to find comfort in shopping and TP is the safe bet that everyone needs in every home. Its a risk free way to actively do something for preparedness, but also know that at some point the TP will be used; even if everyone is buying 6 months worth right now.

So instead of stressing out trying to find TP rolls, check out our latest products and take advantage of our free shipping and sales!