Up-Cycled Reclaimed Key Chains

Exotic plywood key chains – tiny cutting boards!

We never throw usable wood away, even down to slivers of scrap wood; the thinnest of the thin. We save it all for years and when we get a decent amount, we batch glue it all up and make up-cycled exotic plywood! Just part of our Zero Waste Initiative.

New life in the form of cool key chains!

Our latest batch of exotic plywood was turned into these unique and cool reclaimed key chains. Each one is unique when we batch it out that there won’t really be another one like it. Salvaged from the corner of our workshop, glued, planed, re-sawed, crosscut, laser engraved, drilled, hand sanded, waxed and then polished to fit in your pocket next to your keys! Breathing new life in what other wood shops would have throw away.

For a limited time, these beautiful exotic plywood reclaimed key chains will be priced the same as all of the other key chains on our webstore!