Selling our Blood… Wood.

Novelty Chopsticks for a Novel Corona Virus.

We live for terrible jokes, even when the world burns. Our future is uncertain with the recent worldwide pandemic; we can only laugh it off, bunker down by working hard and hopefully weather this storm out. Challenges within our retail industry is always hard in the best of times, but we had to make some recent sacrifices. Resorting to selling our blood… wood.

There’s always opportunities from squeezing blood from stone; in this case we are offering our bloodwood!

We just launched our new webstore this week at TheBros.Biz to handle all of our online retail sales, but transitioned this website as our Blog and Wiki site; to showcase our stories, our photos, our passion and hopefully educate our collective knowledge and facts about all the woods and our craft to you! We love to teach!

In celebration of finally offering our chopsticks online with the ability to allow for customization (trust us, this took a lot longer than originally planned), all sales for bloodwood will include a FREE key chain and a chopstick stand with FREE SHIPPING! Limited time offer!

Custom Laser Engravings

Follow the instructions below on how to fill out your custom laser engravings through our new webstore! Customized and add a whole set or just one pair.

1. Select your choice of handcrafted wooden chopsticks.
2. Select your engraving options. Price may vary.
3. When selected ‘engraved’, fill out your custom laser engraved text fields. First field is ‘Side 1’. Second field is ‘Side 2’. If you select BLANK, these fields will be ignored.
4. Add to Cart. DONE!