Chapter 2.0: New Bro!

There’s a new Bro in town! She is fierce!

Thyme for a change! Enter Chapter 2.0: New Bro and a new Bard, same fabulous jokes.

As we grew, so did our excitement and our ambition, but we also had a lot of hurdles and problems to overcome. Through it all we tried new things and kept moving forward; fighting everyday like the last. Our hopes was to envision our company to have fun, make products that people enjoy and be successful so that the Bard could sing about our tale!

Galaxy Con Raleigh 2019.

Last year was a triumph as we gained speed with tripling our convention presence from 24 cons for a total of 118 events in 2018 to 64 cons in 2019. We doubled our business and started to deploy at shows on the West Coast, a new milestone for us. Even added a commercial workshop or two.

With our success we added new party members and employees to help with our craft and to sell our wares at the events that we attend as vendors. Having attended over 100 cons in 3 years, making things in between and operating on zero sleep, it became a bit overwhelming and as such we are returning to our roots.

After three years, one of the original Bros, Brendan Siegl, has branched out to launch Fojikey Designs and focus on Bronze and metal art. Jeff Basladynski partnered with his wife, Lidiane, and launched The Bros store while retaining 2 Bros and a Bard under the management of a new corporation, but still focusing on woodworking.

We welcome our new corporate overlords! Our 2020 vision will be to work smarter!