The Bros Scrap Bin

Exotic wood scraps available!

Our Zero Waste Initiative has been one of our core values since the start. For every project, big or small, we painstakingly sort and save every bit of scrap to be used in the next project. Everything down to small cubes to make into jewelry or even thin slivers to make exotic plywood.

After three years, multiple workshops and endless truckloads; it has become a burden, but we still don’t want to throw away of these rare woods. It’s beauty can still be turned into cool things so we thought about giving others the same opportunity to do their own crafts!

We offer $15 small and $30 medium sized flat rate shipping boxes on our website with FREE priority shipping. The more we clean the shop, the more good scraps become available. Check it out on our online store front here!

Help us with our scrappy problem!

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